Rose Xinran Qi is an independent artist, choreographer, researcher, and educator with over 25 years of professional dance training and broad artistic experience in ballet,contemporary, postmodern, and classical Chinese dance. Rose holds a BFA in dance performance and choreography from ShanXi Academy in China and an MFA in dance from the University of Maryland in the U.S. She has choreographed over 50 dance productions and performed over 200 times while working with companies, organizations, dancers, and artists across many genres.

From 2008 to 2013, Rose performed nationally and internationally with the Huajin Dance Drama Ensemble. Venues included the Sydney Opera House, Kennedy Center Opera House, the China Greater National Theatre, the Great Hall of the People, the Shanghai Greater Theatre, Singapore Kallang Theatre, Hong Kong Tuen Mun Town Hall and many others. The company produced Fruit Under the Great Wall, a Top Ten Dance Drama in China directed by internationally acclaimed Chinese Choreographer Zhang Jigang, and Opera Warriors, winner of a government award for Professional Stage Performing Arts sponsored by the Ministry of Culture and directed by Xing ShiMiao of the Chinese Dancers Association. Rose served as Artistic Director for the Pragenell 2019 Miss Legend global gala and competition held at London’s 02 Vertigo Theater.

As director of RoseQi Dance Arts, Rose’s freelance work credits include choreography, direction, instruction, production, and collaboration for many dance events. She also provided a forum to promote domestic and international cross-cultural exchange and coordinated events for both higher educational institutions and American/Chinese communities. Rose’s choreography and teaching reflect her energy and creativity, and her extensive scholarly research informs her methods for integrating eastern and western dance forms for both stage and classroom.