I am a passionate choreographer and I am always searching for new concepts, new opportunities, and new inspirations to develop dance pedagogy from my life experience, my dance research, and my research into the human spirit.

My creative juices flow continuously, and I am always open to exploring all interesting stories and themes and visualizing how they can be portrayed with unique movements. For much of my work, my focus has been on examining the movement vocabularies of elegance and femininity, but in recent years, it has evolved to include a deep interest in mystery and the supernatural. I am drawn to all aspects of the human condition as motivations for my choreography. I believe in a universal consciousness that connects all human spirits and I try to tap into that vision and energy when creating a new dance concept. Much of this influence is obtained by researching dance movements, history, cultures, and the human experience in general. Whatever my concept’s origin, I intend my choreography to surprise and entertain but also to inject an esoteric element to stimulate my audience to think about the significance of my movements.

By creating new patterns of beauty and meaning, the arts are essential for invigorating and preserving the human condition. For example, I believe integrating female movements, elegance, and femininity from classical Chinese dance into western dance choreography could enhance the aesthetic experience for western audiences. This concept could also help people from different geographies, governments, and cultures to reach understanding and acceptance on many levels beyond the arts.

Most importantly, my past experience as a dancer has instilled in me a passion to apply the important relationship of body movements and emotion. My work is deeply personal, and my work process endeavors to create material that explores body rhythm accentuation of emotive themes and integrates the uniqueness of each individual into expressive dance movement.

Movement exploration work in progress.